Witness to Mass Incarceration

Placing women's and LGBTQIA+ experiences at the center of the fight for alternatives to mass incarceration. 




Witness to Mass Incarceration works to change the narrative from invisibility and victimization to empowerment through documentation, organizing and advocacy. 


What We Do

Witness to Mass Incarceration runs several programs to shed light on injustices in prison against women and the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Suitcase Project

Many Formerly Incarcerated people return home penniless and homeless. Witness is working with Faith-based organizations to provide a suitcase full of much needed items for those returning home.


Digital Library

The voices of incarcerated individuals are often drowned out and silenced. Witness is changing that by building a digital achieve of video interviews, stories, and documents from formerly incarcerated people.


Climate Change and Prison Evacuation

Most prisons don't have an evacuation plan in case of a natural disaster. Witness is working with prisons to ensure they develop a policy for evacuating prisoners during natural disasters. 

October 2015

I’m writing this story because I believe in coming out as a convicted felon. I believe in disclosing my history to employers, friends, and practically everyone. And as there are as many as 100 million Americans with a criminal record, if everyone “came out as a criminal,” most people would know someone. We would see increased momentum for reform on jobs, housing, and criminal justice reform more broadly. 

Evie Litwok, Founder, writing in The Nation