October 2015

I’m writing this story because I believe in coming out as a convicted felon. I believe in disclosing my history to employers, friends, and practically everyone. And as there are as many as 100 million Americans with a criminal record, if everyone “came out as a criminal,” most people would know someone. We would see increased momentum for reform on jobs, housing, and criminal justice reform more broadly. 

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February 2018

Our prisons, jails and detention centers are not prepared for extreme weather. Is this because incarcerated people are disproportionately black, brown, and LGBTQ? Perhaps this explains the lack of safety and under-reporting of weather-related dangers. Or are incarcerated people not considered human beings?

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April 2017

"While incarcerated, Litwok began collecting interviews with her fellow inmates. She would write up the interviews by hand after long, intimate conversations with the women. After, she’d type up the interviews and mail the transcripts to friends on the outside who would post to her blog." 

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October 2017

My queerness made me a target of harassment and punishment by correctional officers. When I was released, I wanted to help shine a light on the abuses that queer and transgender women face in prison and to give these women a stronger voice.

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September 2017

If I have high blood pressure, someone has to give me that pill on a daily basis. And there’s no way when they move 7,000 people that they have the medical records of those 7,000 people in the new prison. Any natural disaster is a nightmare for us.

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